I don't know why my html file cannot be opened when deployed on cloudflare

I bought the domain on Cloudflare, and deployed my html files zip and connected the domain to it.
When it was just an html file, it does work. But on Cloudflare, it doesn’t work.
Could somebody help ?

If it doesn’t work continuously, can I get the refund of the domain purchase?

Is this a Pages Project?

If you zip a folder, you’ll end up with a subfolder in pages, and the site won’t load as expected.

It’s easiest to just use the Upload Folder option, and select the folder that has your index.html file.


Thank you for your reply !
But even though I upload only files or only index.html, I cannot open the website either.
As it does work when it’s just an html file, I don’t know why it doesn’t work only when it’s deployed.

Please post a screenshot of the list of uploaded assets in your Pages project’s deployment view:

As well as the pages.dev hostname of your project.


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