I don't know what is going on! PLEASE HELP!

This website seems to be made for very technical people and there is ALOT of documentation that it gives me a headache! It’s SO CONFUSING :face_vomiting:

I don’t know even HOW my domain ended up in Cloudflare but it has and now my current hosting provider (iPage) is telling me I need to contact Cloudflare and have them.

I need help (apparently) updated the ‘A record’ for my domain shabaazfoster.com. Until then, my website is down.

Any help from an actual humanb is appreciated! I f$%#@ing hatre Cloudserver. Just to get any help I need to have a business account that is $2400 a year. They don’t give a ■■■■ about my ■■■.

Please I will pay someone a reasonable tip to help me.

  • Joshua Ortiz

Someone will have configured Cloudflare for your site if it is being used. You can give the domain name if you want that checked.

If it was not you that set this up, then a previous member of staff, web developer or other person who has access to your domain registrar did.

To make changes, you need to log in to the Cloudflare account where your domain is active. If you don’t know the login details, find whoever set it up or try these steps…

If you are unable to access the Cloudflare account then you will need to take control of the DNS by changing the nameservers at your domain registrar to those for a new Cloudflare account or another DNS provider (such as your registrar, host or other). You will need to know the DNS records of your web and mail hosting to set that up again.

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Hi and hello there :wave:. Thanks for responding.

The domain is shabaazfoster.com is and I tried myself to see if I can do it but it’s quite alot of information to digest.

It says it’s pending but pending what? I have no clue.

Where my domain is active? Right now my hosting service iPage is where all the website files are stored. I have a couple other domains with them and would prefer to keep them all in one place - with iPage.

I have made an account with Cloudflare. So I am able to login now. But now where do I go?

Are you with Cloudflare?

  • Joshua

This is what I see, if it helps:

  • Joshua Ortiz

Is this the account you found that was holding your domain, or have you created a new account and added the domain to that?

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