I dont know how to remove my dns or page that is redirecting to another site

HelloMy custom domain is stuck at verifiying i made a community post and i got an asnwer but i have no idea how to remove the redirect DNS or Page. if u can i give permission to remove it so my custom domain can be verified. link for more: The custom page domaing is not verifiying its stuck at "verifiying" its been a week! - #6 by hewa8game

From the other post, it looks like your domain redirects to seatheminer.sellpass.io. Is the page there what your site is supposed to look like?

it redirects there but i want it to NOT redirect there but i have no idea how to do that and i need to remove it in order for my custom domain to be verified.

can you give me a simplified version on how to remove the redirect?

You’re asking us to debug something you’ve set up. We can’t help you if you don’t answer our questions.

Does the sellpass site it redirects to belong to you?

What does your DNS record point to? It’s either a CNAME target, or an IP address. If it’s a CNAME, what does it point to?

the shop is mine but i used cloudflare to just redirect to the site
There wasnt any dns record that redirects there
i remember looking through pages on cloudflare and using Redirect but there is nothing there either

nevermind i found out

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