I don't get why my speed is so slow

Yes, another one :slight_smile: I know you guys get loads of these and I read several threads and tried several things in the dashboard but it keeps remaining slow.

On one of my sites I implemented Cloudflare to see if speeds would improve worldwide.

One of my VPS’s is in the USA and I implemented Cloudflare on a site that is on that VPS but in pingdom the speed is incredibly slow compared what it was first (A98%) even when I test it from a USA server.

Another site on the same VPS but without Cloudflare is at 99% without any issues and also beats the Cloudflare site in GT-metrix so this can’t be certainly the goal.

This is the link to the pingdom https://tools.pingdom.com/#59841944a6c00000

I gzip through the server and set autominify through WP so turned that off in Cloudflare but on or off there is no difference.

Had some page rules added that I looked up and deleted them but no difference.

I really have no clue what else I can do. Sure it’s the free version ATM because I want to get a bit familiar with Cloudflare first and see it in action but so far no improvement for me.

Normally I want to fix everything myself and try to read, search and try as much as possible but I saw on some threads the community is very helpful here so thought I give it a go here.


take a look at CF-Cache-Status: MISS

something prevent Cloudflare from caching your content probably headers

What can be causing this and where to look?

Could it be this option in cache plugin?

 Reduce HTTP requests through combined js files  **(header)**

Where do you see “CF-Cache-Status: MISS” BTW? I must be overlooking it.

sorry looks likes it does getting cached now.

anyway looking at pagespeed insights to see why you getting this score I don’t think it has anything to do with Cloudflare https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fppcadmasters.com%2F&tab=mobile

It must have to do something with Cloudflare because without it it’s back to A95%+

When I switch off Woocommerce it’s goes from C to B so that is slowing down the site with Cloudflare but it should be A easy with Woo turned off.

The site site has nothing on it yet, has a fast theme, caching, gzip etc it should go a lot faster.

lol this is weird. I installed a plugin called WC Speed Drain Repair"

Then I did a test in pingdom and it now loads in 500ish MS but it says performance grade C.

I then test my other website on the same VPS without Cloudflare and it shows performance grade A but loading time is 1.12 seconds :joy:

yeah it can be weird at first, performance grade and website load speed is two different things… the grade is relative to each website and the grade is not always right… so sometimes to get better score mean slower website… so dont look at it like something really important its more of a guide

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Well I am one stubborn dude so the past hours I have wasted to make it fast even though I had so much other things to do but got it working quite good now.

On GT metrix it’s now A100% and A93%

Pingdom it lost in north America around the 500ms and Worldwide it varies naturally but under 2 seconds from Brazil to Australia, under one second to Europe and just under 2 seconds in Japan and I will be only have a couple items in the webshop so I’m good.

I changed Cache plugin and configured it slightly differently and the WC speed rain repair is really nice.

Now I can finally move on haha

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