I don't get name servers

Ok so can someone explain to me how name servers work and what the are and how i can have multiple name servers on 1 domain so i need 2 for cloudflare and i need 2 for my host can i just add my host as nameserver 1 and 2 and cloudflare as nameserver 3 and 4 couse i really don’t get it i am new at this type of stuff (networking, domains, basicly the internet part of IT)

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and how is it possible that i just deleted the name servers of my host and changed them to cloudflare and my site is still up and it says that its active.

Here’s a recent thread that explains this.

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Welcome. Here is a great resource to learn, https://www.cloudflare.com/learning/

The link @sdayman shared answers the why did it work question. This learning center article on DNS explains the big picture, https://www.cloudflare.com/learning/dns/what-is-dns/.

If you go to dash.cloudflare.com, click the box on the home page with your domain name you will end up on the home page of the dashboard to control your site on cloudflare. At the moment your site is paused. If you navigate to the DNS app, you’ll see the DNS records that were automatically imported into your account. There are some great #tutorials on getting started that you should review prior to making changes on your dash to ensure you understand the effect of those changes. Post on this Community if you have questions along the way.

Start with this catalog of tutorials, Community Tutorials and go through them based on the questions you have. Each one is easily reviewed in a short amount of time.

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