I don't find this MX record on my dashboard cloudflare

when I go to dnschecker .Com to check my MX record I find this record
and when I go to the dashboard of DNS in my Cloudflare account I don’t find this MX record call
0 :_ dc-mx .b930af972fd3. vienfit .ma.
I check also my Cpanel zone DNS and I don’t find it! can you give me a solution, please !!!

You are using a proxied :orange: hostname in your MX. The Cloudflare proxy does not pass traffic on the ports required for email. What you are seeing is a synthetic record intended to help you with the incompatible proxy status. A better option is to find the hostname in your MX record and change it to :grey: DNS Only.

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as you see on the screen I looked for the MX record I don’t find it !!!

I’m not sure why you can’t find it. I see it in your screenshot. It’s right under the CNAME. It is exactly as I described. You are pointing the MX record at your apex name which is :orange: proxied. Since this will not allow mail to be delivered, Cloudflare synthesizes the record that you are seeing returned in your DNS query.

You fix it by using a :grey: hostname as your MX destination. Since you probably want to keep your apex :orange: proxied, you can create a new A record for mail that points to the same IP. Make sure you set it to :grey: DNS Only. You can then update your MX record to use mail.vienfit.ma and the synthetic record will be replaced by your new and improved MX.

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