I don understand why not works well the page below

Hi All,

May I ask you to help me?

The re is a deployed micro frontend angular v17 apps

The structure is:
workspace: micro-fe-workspace
-shell (main)
-microfrontend-a (remote)
-microfrontend-b (remote)
-library shared-lib
I use esbuild which deployed to appname/browser folder

Here is the dist folder structure:
The build scripts:
“build:shared-lib”: “ng build shared-lib --configuration production”,
“toshared-lib”: “cd dist/shared-lib”,
“publishshared-lib”: “npm publish --access=public”,
“build-prod-b”: “ng build microfrontend-b --configuration production”,
“build-prod-a”: “ng build microfrontend-a --configuration production”,
“build-prod-s”: “ng build shell --configuration production”,
“postbuild”: “cp indexd.html dist/index.html”,

In the indexd.html:

Welcome html, body { height: 100%; margin: 0; font-family: Arial, sans-serif; display: flex; align-items: center; justify-content: center; text-align: center; } div { width: 100%; }

Welcome to the Micro frontend Angular app example.


When I try to navigate on the page i faced with the following error:

_angular_core-17_3_3.js:5 ERROR Error: unknown remote microfrontendB at chunk-KBMX4XI6.js:1:2854 at Generator.next () at s (chunk-KBMX4XI6.js:1:480) at Z.invoke (polyfills-APPOKQHY.js:1:6498) at Object.onInvoke (_angular_core-17_3_3.js:31:6597) at Z.invoke (polyfills-APPOKQHY.js:1:6437) at Ne.run (polyfills-APPOKQHY.js:1:1821) at polyfills-APPOKQHY.js:2:566 at Z.invokeTask (polyfills-APPOKQHY.js:1:7123) at Object.onInvokeTask (_angular_core-17_3_3.js:31:6413)

handleError @ _angular_core-17_3_3.js:5
next @ _angular_core-17_3_3.js:32
r.next @ rxjs-7_8_1.js:3
t._next @ rxjs-7_8_1.js:3
t.next @ rxjs-7_8_1.js:3
(anonymous) @ rxjs-7_8_1.js:3
vr @ rxjs-7_8_1.js:3
t.next @ rxjs-7_8_1.js:3
emit @ _angular_core-17_3_3.js:5
(anonymous) @ _angular_core-17_3_3.js:31
invoke @ polyfills-APPOKQHY.js:1
run @ polyfills-APPOKQHY.js:1
runOutsideAngular @ _angular_core-17_3_3.js:31
onHandleError @ _angular_core-17_3_3.js:31
handleError @ polyfills-APPOKQHY.js:1
runGuarded @ polyfills-APPOKQHY.js:1
d.microtaskDrainDone @ polyfills-APPOKQHY.js:1
I @ polyfills-APPOKQHY.js:1
invokeTask @ polyfills-APPOKQHY.js:1
J @ polyfills-APPOKQHY.js:2
K @ polyfills-APPOKQHY.js:2
ue @ polyfills-APPOKQHY.js:2