I don’t see ‘advertising’ in the categories?


I’ve read the FAQ (https://developers.cloudflare.com/gateway/faq/) and been googling for a while, but I can’t see what I’m missing.

I don’t see the “Advertisements” category in the category filtering section. I don’t have an add blocker installed, and I’ve tried in multiple browsers, including MS Edge, Google Chrome, Safari etc. I’ve also checked all the ‘ad blocking’ settings each browser and I can’t see what I’m missing.

Any tips from anyone for what I’ve missed?


I was going to post this exact question too. It looks as if the option used to be there, but was dropped later on?

I found this thread because I was trying to find an answer to this very question. Has anyone been able to confirm that Advertisements isn’t an available category anymore?

The Advertisement category exists and has the number 66, but it is not supported.

You will currently get following error trying to set it manually:

{ code: 1400, message: "Could not process policy request: category `66` (`Advertisements`) cannot be used because it is not currently supported." }

You can add some ad domains to the Custom List and some of them will be categorized as advertisements. But the custom list is limited to 1000 entries.


Their product demo video had it as selection:

Maybe @pzimmerman can tell us more?

‘Advertising’ is not shown in ‘Top Blocked Categories’ anymore.
Looks like they are not interested in blocking annoying ads.

ControlD smart DNS looks promising in that regard.