I do NOT want to migrate DNS to Cloud Flare

Hi everyone,

I do NOT want to migrate DNS to Cloudflare; I just need to have sub-domain delegated to Cloudflare DNS and then profixed. However I have an error that the zone is pending as if I am transferring it to Cloudflare;

That is NOT what I want. DNS needs to stay where it is.

Is it NOT possible to just have a sub-domain delegated and proxied by Cloudflare by means of delegating that zone ONLY (not the entire domain) to Cloudflare and then doing the proxy and SSL rules.

I am happy to have a paid account; this isn’t about the cost but rather what’s possible with Cloudflare


You can do this with a CNAME setup.

above link is the relevant tutorial I believe.


@cscharff Wonderful; that’s exactly what I needed; Business plan it is. You just kicked Cloudflare some revenue :slight_smile:

Thank you

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