I do not understand this warning message. What should I do?


What should I do? I installed the Cloudflare plugin but had this warning message.
I use DigitalOcean Hosting + Serverpirot [Free plan]

" You are using a subdomain for your site, but any Cloudflare settings applied via this plugin will be applied to your original domain as well. "

screenshort : https://1drv.ms/u/s!AifVBNS8N5OIgYlQ5ilquHQbWtWWeA


This could mean you have your zone setup on a partial plan on only subdomains of chistudio.tech (e.g. sub.chistudio.tech. If you are concerned the plugin is changing your Cloudflare settings on domains you do not wish, then you can sign into your Cloudflare dashboard to adjust these settings instead at: dash.cloudflare.com. If you are still concerned about the warning message, please open a support ticket, so we can investigate exactly what is going on with this particular account: support.cloudflare.com