I do not understand the work of Rate Limiting

Hi I have created many lists but it doesn’t work for me why
I changed the settings many times but to no avail even though I have many attacks

The URL will only match shahid4u.info literally, but not other paths e.g. shahid4u.info/static/1/2/3. You need to put a wildcard asterisk * after the URL e.g. shahid4u.info/*

Thank you, now working after ticking /*
But the problem is I’m afraid there will be an impact on normal traffic
I don’t know what numbers to put, do I place 10 orders per minute or 10 seconds or what

When setting up mine I found that each image loaded would count as a request, so I had to be very specific with what I was blocking.

So it really depeneds on the site in question and how many times each page makes a call to the server.

eg a single page with lots of images and script calls could easily get close or over 100 requests.

Trial and error was my method

You’re right but I’m really trying on another device
For me, it counts every click on the site as a request
Is there a website to calculate requests?

I advise you to close this service, because it affects the traffic significantly
You will lose a lot of traffic, just like did with me

And the service is not free
cloudflare gives you your first 10,000 free orders
After that, you will be charged for every 1 request that enters your site, and at the end of the month you will receive an invoice with a huge amount that you will have to pay

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