I do not see option to manually approve domain transfer

I try to transfer my domain. Got an email from Cloudflare that I can approve the transfer manually. But I do not see where I can do that. I need to launch the website urgently for the project. But I can not do it due to the five days wait. Please help to transfer the domain manually.

Thank you in advance.

Are you transferring the domain to Cloudflare registrar? Approve that at your existing registrar.

I am an existing registrar. I’m moving the domain to another registrar. I need help to make it happen asap since i can not launch the website.

In domain terms, Registrar refers to the company you registered the domain with. You, the owner of the domain, are called Registrant.

So you want to transfer the domain to a new registrar, Cloudflare.

But the domain is not with Cloudflare yet. It’s with your current registrar, where you purchased it.

So you can only manually approve the transfer at your current registrar, not Cloudflare. Login to your account where the domain is currently kept, and approve the transfer from there (if the option is available, otherwise open a support ticket for them to do it for you).

If you’re unsure who your current registrar is, please tell us the domain you want to transfer and we’ll surely point you in the right direction.

Good luck!

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No. Domain was bought in Cloudflare. I want to transfer it to another registrar. Already initiated the transefer. As per the email from Cloudflare i can manually approve the transfer to accelerate the process. How can i do that ?

Oh, I’m sorry I misread your post.

I haven’t transferred a domain out of Cloudflare before, so I don’t know if this expedited approval is available in the Cloudflare dashboard or not (I love SAV for this!).

But the Cloudflare support team can certainly do this for you, as was done here.

If you haven’t done so already, I’ll recommend you open an actual support ticket from the CF dashboard so the support staff can take care of this for you.

If you get a canned response, post the ticket number here and let’s hope one of the community managers will pick it up and escalate it.

Good luck!

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Thank you i will act as you suggest. Let’s hope for the best.