I do not see any effects of cloudflare on my site

Hi Guys,

I have updated my domain DNS and I can see my domain is pointing to Cloudflare.
However I do not feel any better changes on my site, my site speed is the same as it was before, cloudflare did not do any Minification in my CSS, Java files etc.

How do I know if CloudFlare is really working on my site?

Also, I want to know Page Rules are MUST to complete that process? I have 3 free Page Rules as I am only testing CloudFlare for now. Do I need to complete this Page Rules step in order to see changes on my site or that is something different?

Appreciate your guidance as I am totally new here :frowning:


Page Rules are not required for Cloudflare to work. What’s the domain?

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Thanks a lot for your reply, this is my domain

Cloudflare is definitely working. Your static files are cached and the CSS and JS I looked at are minified:


Ahhh I see, thanks a lot for your time spending on checking for me.
I just feel my site did not become any faster as I feel the speed is the same as it was before without cloudflare. Also main main css files did not minified such as this

That’s why I thought Page Rules are needed to make it fully work.

(And I don’t know how to follow you here, when I go to your profile, there is no follow or subscribe option, just don’t want to lose you as you are the only first person here who tried to help me)

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