I do not receive external emails on the domain email address


I set up Cloudflare the other day. I added CNAME
mail as DNS only and I added a new TXT record for _dmarc.

I managed to make the emails in the form on the site (WPForms) work. I receive the emails coming from the forms on the site.

However, I do not receive external e-mails from other e-mail addresses.

The website is https://bogdananghelina.ro

I would not like to publish the mail, but if necessary, I can communicate it to you.


Hi @bogdan_anghelina,

Cloudflare doesn’t handle mail and any email related DNS records should be :grey:.

The MX records for that domain point to:


If those are your correct mail servers then Cloudflare should not be involved here.


You are right, instead of those lines the mail server had to be registered, which in my case is mail.domain.ro.

Thanks for the help!

You have a very nice community here.

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No problem, glad you were able to get it resolved!

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