I do not receive emails

**I have my domain name in godaddy, 6 corporate emails, and since DNS points to cloudflare I can’t receive emails, how do I solve this problem?

Did you migrate the dns setting from Godaddy to CloudFlare?

If you just change nameserver then your email will be interrupted.

Make sure you copy all the dns setting, especially MX record in your case.

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To add to comment from @ang1, great #Tutorials on this here, @boloverdugo, Troubleshooting Email Delivery Issues when using Cloudflare


I will give you simple guideline. Have ready A record/server IP.

create A record for exmaple mail.yourdomain.com -> Point to server IP/hosting IP (Never use cloudflare proxy on this record)
Add MX record by pointing to above hostname mail.yourdomain.com with 0 priority and you are done.

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