I did transfert my domain to Cloudflare

I transfer my site to Cloudflare but how now i can redirect the site from Cloudflare to 1and1

If you have transferred to Cloudflare Registrar, your site should now have Cloudflare nameservers. You will need to go to the DNS tab of your Cloudflare Dashboard and edit the DNS records there to those specified by 1and1. You will probably need an A record first to get your site up and running if there isn’t already one there.


1and1 say i have to replace the NAME SERVER on cloud flare how can i Do ?

You can’t change the nameservers on Cloudflare registrar. You will need to add DNS records to point to your site. You should be able to find your current DNS records in the 1&1 control panel.

on 1and1 my DNS where

NS1: adam.ns.Cloudflare.com

NS2: diva.ns.Cloudflare.com

Those are your nameservers, you will need DNS records to add, at least an A record pointing to an IP address.

What is the domain?


I can’t find any historical DNS records for that domain so you will have to try and find them in your 1&1 control panel or contact their support.

Do you currently have an A record in your DNS tab of the CF dashboard?


i Used Cloudflare NS and put on 1and1 Dashbord external domain then i chose the right folder on hosting and done

Thank you

Great, glad you have got it working.