I did a dumb thing and need help

I have done something really dumb. I have a domain pointed to Cloudflare (good thing) but I have the email address and log in password. When I try to log in it says those are not correct. is there any way I can log in through Cloudflare to the backend of my website?

I tried reading the message a few times and I don’t understand the issue, did you forget your password and can’t access the CF dashboard? Or are you referring to your hosting?

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I apologize for the confusion. My host is cloudways, my DNS is pointed to Cloudflare, and my domain is at Namecheap. I moved this domain in November of 2022 and cannot find my credentials to log into the back end of the website. I am searching every avenue to get into the back end of my website. With this clarification, I am wondering if there is a tab to click within Cloudflare that will take me into the backend of my WordPress site.

There is not. Cloudflare is completely separate from your WordPress site on your Cloudways VPS.

This Cloudways blog post may help.

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I thank you for your time and assistance. I am trying to recover the site through wordpress but cannot find any of the info they need to verify that the site is mine. Again I appreciate your help and will continue forward.

How do you mean? Your WordPress.org site has no relation to the hosting company operating as WordPress.com. They cannot help with your site since you do not host it with them. WordPress.org cannot help you recover an account either, as they are just a software developer and do not provide hosting.

You indicated that your hosting is on Cloudways. That is who you will need to request support from. Following the guide in their blog post is probably a faster way to reset your self-hosted WordPress account. It may look intimidating, but it is simpler than it looks, and it is laid out step by step.

When I try to log in it says those are not correct.

Going back to basics, where exactly did you go to try to log in?

If your website address is say example.com, you should log in from


If you tried logging in from a wordpress.org or wordpress.com address, that would be totally wrong because, as @epic.network has explained already, your WordPress site hosted with Cloudways is NOT in any way connected to the websites WordPress.org or WordPress.com.

Hi George, thanks for getting back to me. I am happy to say I have the problem worked out.

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