I deleted the AAAA record from the DNS, but it still exists and is shown on other domain verification services. How to permanently remove it?

Please help me or tell me where and how to write correctly. Because my problem can only be solved by the cloudflare technical support department.
My problem is that I deleted the AAAA records in my DNS, but when checking on other services it is still displayed, and I ask the technical department to delete it, since I cannot do this, it is no longer in my DNS records is displayed. Having my own tariff plan, I cannot write to technical support. What should I do? What if this issue can only be resolved by technical support?

If you have a proxied A or AAAA record, Cloudflare will publish both A and AAAA IP addresses for your domain. Cloudflare can only connect to your origin on the A or AAAA records you define in your DNS but your users can connect to your site, via Cloudflare, by both IPv4 and IPv6.


On my hosting side it says that the domain is not connected correctly and I need to delete the AAAA record.
“”“:x: The domain is connected incorrectly: the settings contain an AAAA record. Delete the AAAA record in the domain control panel of your registrar”“”

I deleted it in the DNS settings, but it still shows up when checking on other resources, that is, it still exists and I can’t delete it (it doesn’t show up to me), but I need to delete it! How to do it? I cannot write to support regarding technical issues.

Your host’s tool probably doesn’t understand there is a proxy in front of the hosting.

Same question here from today and the answer is the same…

What is the website?

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Thank you!

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