I deleted my website

I bought an edge SSL certificate for this domain, but as I couldn’t use I deleted the domain and add the domain again. I have no access to my SSL certificate. As I paid for it I want to export it and use it for my other domain. May please advise how may I do it?

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You cannot export edge certificates from Cloudflare. They only work in the Cloudflare proxy.

You cannot use a certificate issued to one domain on another. The certificate will not contain the correct hostname.

What Cloudflare product did you purchase?

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I bought “Advanced Certificate Manager” SSL but I deleted the site that it was bought for

Thank you for the clarification.

Cloudflare subscriptions are per domain unless otherwise indicated. They are not transferable.

Advanced Certificate Manager is a domain based product. It needs to be added to any domain that you wish to use it with. Deleting the domain that was using it removes it. If you need Advanced Certificate Manager with another domain, you must add it to that domain.

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