I deleted my site from my cloudflare account but its still active somewhere that I CANT access it!

I signed up for a free Cloudflare account with my website, the unsealed, in Feb of 2020. I deleted my website from Cloudflare in March of 2020. My website has been having issues and we realized it is because of Cloudflare! When I ask for help from email address.I am told my website is NOT associated with that account. But I have confirmation emails sent directly from you that that’s the email I activated the account with. I own the website. No other email of mine is associated with Cloudflare. And I can’t fix my website because I have no idea how or where my website is active as I think its an error coming from you guys,. Please help. I can confirm send over confirmation emails that I set up the account with that yahoo email.

What’s the website/domain name?

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