I deleted my account, but site still looking for Cloudflare


I purchased a security service (cWatch) which came with a CDN, so I deleted my Cloudflare account for that website and changed my nameservers to point to my hosting company again. I also deleted the WordPress plugin for Cloudflare and Hummingbird plugin (which also referenced Cloudflare in its caching settings). Yet my site is not loading properly - it’s still looking for Cloudflare. How do I properly quit using Cloudflare for this one site (I still use it for other sites of mine)? My hosting server (InMotion) doesn’t keep any cache. I’m at a loss for why Cloudflare is still being looked for? It’s crashed my site! I’m sure 3 days is enough for propagation to have occurred.


Have you done a public name server check to see if the changes propagated?


No - how do you do that?


Oh I Googled it and ran one and it doesn’t show Cloudflare anymore. So I’m at a loss why the site is still looking for Cloudflare to work.

Right now it’s stuck loading the site and in the bottom it says it’s looking for ajax.cloudflare.com


It is likely that your local DNS resolver hasn’t propagated yet. That’s often controlled by your ISP. You may want to email support @ cloudflare from your “former” account email address and include a HAR file so they can investigate.


Thank you! I’ve sent them the file and explained the situation.