I deleted my A records after transfer from Godaddy

I changed my domain nameserver from godaddy to cloudflare and delted A records of my domain on cloudflare. can anyone help how to add A records on my site in cloudflare. I am stuck.

Hi @pyadav24,

You can just add back the records you need in the DNS tab or import them.

Thanks a lot for quick response but I don’t have my IP addresses and DNS records. from where can I get these? Actually godaddy can’t access the domain as my nameserver has been changed to cloudflare. and I already connected with clickfunnels. So suggest something

So did you delete the records that you now need, and are trying to re-create them, or have you moved servers/host and need to change where they point?

You should get a list from your host.

If you aren’t able to recover your DNS records through your host (or they don’t have them anymore), you may also be able to recover them through a site like https://securitytrails.com/.

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