I deleted everything DNS


I deleted everything that was in the DNS area of my site http://liksjeans.com.br/.figuration or reset to initial configuration?


If you’re looking for to reset all your settings, I have not found a way.

On the bright side, it does make me take a closer look at every. single. setting. And make better informed choices.


You’ll need to enter in the correct records and adjust settings as you see fit. Cloudflare saves your settings and SSL Certs in case you come back. You could technically create a new account with a new email but it’s better to just change settings to your preference (you can always change them later!). No easy way to reset :confused:


I am also hang due to deleting records of my previous host after migration currently. Please suggest if I can be helped here?


@theempireaustralia, DNS records are usually a pretty short list. Start with the following list:
IP address of your server (A records)
Any subdomains (A records)
Any mail servers (MX Records)

That will get you most of the way to up and running.