I deleted a DNS file and now my site is down

I’m not sure what file it is, and I’m not sure what to add back to the DNS records.

I can’t get a hold of my web guy that usually does this stuff for me, so I’m kind of left here on my own to take care of things.

I could use some help if anyone knows what to do.


You mean DNS record, right? You simply need to restore it. If you don’t have the value any more then you can get it from the audit log based on the deleted entry.

What’s the domain and which record is it?

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Yes, DNS Record.

I don’t know which record I deleted unfortunately. :frowning:

The domain is stonefamilyfarmstead.com

Seems as if you had deleted the record for the naked domain. Duplicate the record for “www” and set the name to “@”. Alternatively you can check the audit log as I already mentioned.

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