I created subdomain. how do I setup DNS in cloudflare?

I have my website make-invoice.com and it’s currently using cloufdflare nameserver (FREE PLAN). Then I created subdomain static.make-invoice.com. What should be my next step? right now it says my subdomain cannot be reach. I haven’t added it yet in Cloudflare. also the subdomain is already 1 day past when it’s created. it’s DNS records is already generated on my cpanel.

What I did so far is I added static.make-invoice.com as A with same ip with my domain. and it’s now showing 404.html

I also tried

CNAME: static
value : @

still 404

Hi @marksalvania103192,

If your subdomain is hosted on the same server as your main site, this should work:

Try setting it to :grey: and get your website working without Cloudflare. A 404 comes from your server, not from Cloudflare.

I am getting this :frowning:


That means that you don’t have an SSL certificate configured correctly on your server. You will probably need to talk to your host about that.

Hi @domjh I tried to create certificate

but this is what I see now : https://static.make-invoice.com/css/custom.css it still need to click advanced and proceed. how to I remove the advanced->proceed issue?

I also installed it in my web server.

let me know if I did anything wrong?

I got it fixed! : ) I just make the gray cloud turn to orange (proxied) and it’s now working :slight_smile:

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