I create an A record for https://www.tri-comp.com/

can anyone advise how to resolve this? hosting company say it is cloudflare issue

the IP i point to it
the A record is


Is it tri-comp.com or workingcopy.reluzzo.com? The former takes ages to load but it loads - sitemeer.com/#https://www.tri-comp.com. As the domain is not using Cloudflare, Cloudflare is not involved in the first place, however.

As for the latter, that domain is using Cloudflare and the site also loads, however your host does not recognise it and sends a redirect. That is something you need to clarify with your host I am afraid.

As for Cloudflare, you currently have an insecure legacy encryption mode selected, which means once your host fixed that your site will be still insecure. You need to make sure to select Full Strict instead.

If we are talking about the second domain, you best pause Cloudflare and talk to your host to make sure the site loads fine on HTTPS, then it will also work on Cloudflare

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