İ connect my domain to cloudflare and now apps can not connect anymore

İ am new on Cloudflare and connected my website to it.
but now apps seems have problem to connect to my site
do i need set some extra option to bring it to work
any help would be great


Are your apps using HTTP/S? Here is a list of ports that Cloudflare will proxy:

thank you for your replay
but i don’t really know which ports are the app’s are used or not
because the developers are added a APİ key in the APP’s what connects the APP true https://
And on the website i only set the APİ code and security code there are no other option like port and so on

You’ll need to contact the developers for help with this. If it’s not using HTTP/S over one of the listed ports, the apps will need to connect to a hostname that’s set to :grey:.

thank you @sdayman i will talk with the developer and will see what we can do just disconnect the service for Clodflare on my website

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