I Confused at Speed, Cache and DNS proxy part

Hello, Still I’m confusing. There is a Website at Google Cloud Instance which behind Cloudflare with Whm/CentOS/Wordpress

When i swtiched proxy ip, I’m getting low results. like Gzip decreasing, Loading time increasing till 7-8 seconds, originally 1.5-2 seconds if i use directly server. Also when i swtiched some speed tools, some times later safari not showing Images of website or css goes wrong. I checked Page rules but at cloudflare, cache is at different menu, speed has cache (Mirage, brotli, rocket loader) I’m very confused. But Proxy is totally effecting speed. If i swtiched of proxy, will cloudflare saves us for DDOS attacks? I’m switching of dns proxy and taking it as development mode than website going very fast. Do you have any idea why its happening or what should i do?

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