I cleared the Cloudflare Cache... Now Google displays a very old, unwanted favicon


I would be very grateful if someone could give me any pointers/advice for this.

As you can see below, Google is showing in the mobile SERP’s a very old, wrong favicon: a gator image from Hostgator (the site is now hosted on Kinsta).

It happened after I cleared the Cloudflare cache in the Cludflaredashboard. Just a moment before that, I had deleted that old hostgator favicon file from FTP (because it was still showing in pdf’s and I wanted it gone).

Ever since I cleared the Cloudflare cache (1 week ago), the gator favicon is showing in Google SERP’s. This is bad, since my site has nothing to do with crocodiles/gators.

Meanwhile, the correct favicon is configured correctly on my site. See:

Does anybody know what to do? Maybe just wait a few days/weeks more until Google figures it out? Or can I configure something in Cloudflare?

Thank you very much for your help.

How long ago have you switched away from hostgator?

Thanks for replying :slight_smile:

That was in 2015

I see that Duckduckgo did pick-up the right favicon.

Only Google not.

I guess I’ll have to wait it out.