I chose a $0/mth plan. How do I know if I get charged

I started Cloudflare today. I sign up for $0/mth plan. I’m new to this. Trying my very best to learn.


  1. There are settings like Page Rules, Under Attack Mode etc… Is it all the features I see, I can use it for free?
  2. How do I know if i got charged, by using any of those features?



It takes some effort to add a chargeable feature to your plan. You haven’t added a payment method yet, have you?

Also…if you go to the dashboard and click on your profile in the upper right corner, there’s a Billing menu item. Go there and click on Subscriptions. There shouldn’t be any surprises.

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ah… the Billing Menu! That’s exactly what I keep finding. I could have overlooked it.

Thanks a lot @sdayman !!!