I changed to Cloudflare nameservers, but my site is inaccessible to some

Hi everyone,

I just changed my nameservers to those of Cloudflare to improve the performance of my site. The problem is that some users can’t access my website. Even I can’t access it from Firefox on my desktop computer, but I can from Edge and Chrome, which is really weird. I called my registrar (Network Solutions) and told them about this issue, but they said it’s a problem on Cloudflare’s end. I’d be appreciative if someone could help me out, or I’ll have to change to another CDN.

What is your domain?

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You need to update your DNSSEC values at your registrar. These need to be updated whenever you change your nameservers.


Sorry, I don’t understand. What values do I need to change to? Under my nameservers it says that Premium DNS is disabled. I don’t see any way to input values. Do I need to call them to do this?

I can only tell you what’s on their support page. If it looks the same for you, you need to disable DNSSEC:

I cannot link to that page, as they have one of these these terrible systems where all pages have the same URL.

Yup, DNSSEC is disabled. I just contacted Network Solutions, and they said to go to dnschecker(dot)org and check out stemjock(dot)com, select ns, and I can see where in the world my site is running fine.

You can check on DNSSEC Analyzer - stemjock.com

As long as it says Found 1 DS records for stemjock.com in the com zone, DNSSEC is not disabled.

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I called them again, and they said they disabled it. They told me to wait a while for everything to update. I’ll wait a few more days and see if anything changes.

Thank you for helping me, Laudian.


No need to waste your time by waiting.

If they disabled DNSSEC, the change would be visible within seconds, so they definitely have not disabled it.

If they cannot help you with this, I recommend you transfer your domain to a different registrar.

I suppose it would make sense to transfer to Cloudflare, seeing as how I’m using their nameservers. Do you suggest any other registrars?

I haven’t used Cloudflare registrar myself, but from what I read here, they usually do fine.

You should be aware that CF is an at-cost registrar. While things usually work, you’re probably in for some waiting if you ever do need to contact support.

Also, when using CF registrar, you cannot change your nameservers. Shouldn’t be a problem if you use CF nameservers anyway.

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Can you tell me if your DNS issue is done, and your website is working fine worldwide?
Because i recently switched my DNS nameservers in my registrar from Cloudflare to another nameservers but when i use DNS Checker after hours, the Cloudflare Nameservers still here and won’t let my website …

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