I changed the IP address of a subdomain, but still doesn't work

Hi all,
I am currently experiencing an issue with a subdomain not successfully redirecting to the desired IP address. Previously, our company’s blog was hosted on a different IP, but we no longer require that blog. My goal is to have “blog.xxx.com” directly redirect to our main website “xxx.com”.
I’ve already updated the DNS records to point “blog.xxx.com” to the same IP address as our main website, which is 192.oo.ooo.oo8. However, when I enter the domain “blog.xxx.com,” it still redirects to the old ip.Any point in the right direction would help.


If you want blog. URLs to redirect, you need a Redirect Rule. DNS records may point requests to different IP addresses, but they will not by themselves return a 3XX redirect status code to visitor’s browsers, and that may have negative SEO consequences, which are probably the opposite of what you want.

This is probably a result of caching. Purge your browser’s cache, or use incognito mode.


Thanks for your help! I have successfully redirected the blog URL. Additionally, I’d like to confirm whether it’s necessary to set the DNS records for blog.xxx.com to the same IP as the main domain if I no longer need to use it or if setting up redirection rules is sufficient?


You need to have one DNS record for blog. It can be an A record pointing to the same IP as the naked domain, or a CNAME pointing to the naked domain.


I get it,thanks.


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