I changed nameservers, but still didn't get rechecked

Hey, thanks for replying!

The domain is http://shieldbotlist.tk

The nameservers look fine, but there is a typo in the whois. Make sure you copy/paste the nameservers, rather than typing them in.

% whois shieldbotlist.tk
% dig +short ns shieldbotlist.tk @a.ns.tk.
% dig +short ns shieldbotlist.tk @haley.ns.cloudflare.com.

That’s strange. How would that happen? NS is correct, but WHOIS isn’t? Is it because Haley is SOA, and gets it right?

I got an email like this, however I have changed the nameservers waiting in the queue. Help!

I don’t think so, but it is a bit weird. The .tk nameservers have the correct values, and that does not come from the SOA. I cannot see how the two can be different for so long (sometimes the Whois is updated on a different schedule to the zone file update, so can lag for a while).

Given that there is still no Cloudflare issued certificate for the domain (https://crt.sh/?q=shieldbotlist.tk) I think the domain is not active in Cloudflare, even though it is responding to DNS. I’d give it another day or so and see if it changes by itself.

Does Cloudflare rely on Whois, or only on the authoritative nameservers for a domain?

If they rely on Whois, then a ticket would be needed with FreeNom to find out why their whois and their nameservers are giving different results.

If Cloudflare don’t rely on Whois, then the validation is failing for another reason, and a ticket will be needed with Cloudflare.

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