I changed nameservers, but still didn't get rechecked


Hey! My nameservers were changed and I waited 24 hours, and still has not been rechecked. Please help. Thanks in advance

Check your domain’s nameserver and recheck nameserver in cloudflare. Describe detail situation plz

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<title>NameServers Not Working</title>


        <h1>Hello, I have checked my name servers and they are correct for cloudfare/</h1>

        <p>But however, my nameservers are not re-checking.</p>

        <p>Please put me in front of the queue so i can get that done ASAP.</p>

        <h1>--- I have waited 24 hours and it would be helpful! --</h1>



Please help! Ive been waiting for a day!

While I understand your sense of urgency…it’s only been a minute since you last posted.

This is a free support forum for the Cloudflare community. You’ll need to be patient.

Here are some suggestions from the main page to help us help you:


Hello, can you please help me?

I have been waiting 24+ hours to wait in the cloudfare queue.

How long would it normally take for the queue to break so your site gets verified?

I need cloudfare because im trying to open something popular and i want to get the DDOS protection done ASAP for me.


What’s your domain name?

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Thank you for responding to my message.

The NameServers seemed to make it say “shieldbotlist.tk is not an ip”.

but the ip is:


It looks like your nameservers change is not propagating for some reason. Doing a NS check from a website like https://www.whatsmydns.net/#NS/shieldbotlist.tk shows that your domain is not actually returning any nameservers.
It’s best to ask your registrar why your nameservers are not taking effect.

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In my experience Freenom (.tk) is taking long to propagate name servers.



yes, i am using freenom. But ive waited 24 hours for the nameservers to change (What it says you should do on freenom’s docs). If you could provide me a domain it would be nice! If you can please contact be on my discord: WhoAboutYT#6147 . Thanks!

Hi @kahaant,

I understand your frustration, however currently there is nothing we or Cloudflare can do. I have seen it before with Freenom that the nameserver change has not gone through, and you have to switch them back to default and then do the change again. Unfortunately, this is something you will need to resolve with them.


Thanks worked!

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I have waited in the queue for the nameserver check for about 24 hours.

I don’t know how long it will take me to get done with the queue, but you can please tell me.

Thanks! Please reply as soon as you read this!

The situation has improved since @arunesh90 checked. It can take up to 48 hours after you’ve properly set the name servers before they fully propagate. We can not accurately predict when it will clear Cloudflare’s pending status, but since it sounds like you fixed the setting yesterday, it may take another 24 hours. Judging from the below test, it should be soon.

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My domain is a .tk domain, and i dont think cloudflare accepts it via whois.

I got a message via email saying that the nameservers are denied, but it is on the DNS checker with NS Record. Can someone help me fix this?

There are lots of .tk domains on Cloudflare. There are some restrictions on managing the DNS records for .tk and other FreeNom domains using the API, but otherwise there should be no issue.

Can you share the domain name?

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