I changed host providers, now i need to update Cname and A records


This should be really straight forward, but I don’t want to mess it up.

I have changed hosting providers, from wpengine to something much more cost effective. The guys that set things up for me last year were sure to point the site on wpengine to cloudflare and all has gone well.

All I want to do is update the cloudflare DNS settings so the site at the new webhost is reflected.

Currently there are eight A records and a couple CNAME records. Any suggestions on how these should be updated?


As long as everything at the new host is configured as it was with the previous host, changing the A records value should work. The only thing that may be different is mail related.

If you don’t use cp calendars,contacts or webdisk etc. I’d remove them too.

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Thanks Withheld. I wasn’t expecting to see that many A records in there.

You see there are a couple CNAME records too. The second one makes sense to me, but the first seems like it should be updated since the host provider has changed.



If you’re no longer using WP Engine, then you should get rid of that CNAME entry and use an “A” record instead. It will most likely be the same IP address as all those other entries. Give that a try and let us know how it goes.


First of all, 2 recorded by CNAME is relevant together, so you just care about CNAME recorded with xxxx.wpengine.com to change it.
Check what is IP xxxx.wpengine.com pointed, if not the same with old hosting IP you dont care anything. If this domain like old hosting IP, please change it to current new IP.
Good luck.

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With a little assistance from the new host, deleted the CNAME with the xxxx.wpengine.com and created a new A record pointed at the new IP address.

The new host didn’t think I needed to update the IP address for all those other A records. I still think I do.

I will approach this in baby steps.

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As an update, the host provider has suggested I update the IP address for all the A records.

This is easy enough to do. After updating though, i get a little ‘i’ warning next to each of these newly updated A records.

I can keep them as they were as DNS only… the grey cloud

Or I can update them to the orange cloud ‘DNS and HTTP proxy’… which is what happened when I created the new A record.


As @Withheld has said, you may want to delete the DNS records for subdomains you don’t use. They increase the “attack surface” of your website, and can make some security features of Cloudflare harder to maintain down the road. Do you actually use cpanel.[yourdomain.com] to access cPanel? If not, just remove it. In case you use those subdomains to access services, you should turn all cloud icons to orange to make sure they benefit from Cloudflare protections.


thanks @floripare for the tips. I’ll update accordingly

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