I changed DNS to CloudFlare but my website is not running


I changed DNS to cloudflare as the instruction, but my website is not working

My website is groupbuyexpert.com

You can visit my website now and it says Error 1016 with this message

Then I try to login cloudflare from my hosting, but it says No or invalid host_key.

I searched some another simillar topic for error 1016, but still cannot fix it

Your Cloudflare DNS records should match the records you have at your web host. It looks like your host is KVC Hosting and the IP address should start with 173.214. Is that what you have in your DNS records here?

You’re also missing a DNS record for the root (naked) domain. Here’s an easy way to add one that forwards to www:

no, i moved hosting to another hosting service. here is the information: https://pastebin.com/GkYSSgzG

Those name servers show that your IP address should start with 111.90.

Is that what you have in Cloudflare DNS for ‘www’?

You should also have an “A” record for groupbuyexpert.com with the same IP address.

it works now
I added A record and point to the IP of hosting and it works now
thanks you so much

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Glad to hear it works. It’s best to pick one canonical URL: with the www, or without. And then forward the unwanted one over to the canonical, like this:

-or the other way-

now i have another proplem, i cannot receive or send email from my business email such us [email protected]
may be i need to add DNS record for email hosting server?

You sure do! Here are some things to keep in mind:


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