I change DNS nameservers, Cloudflare says site is active but it is down

I’ve never used CloudFlare before. I have a WordPress site and used a plugin to activate a new account. I switched over the nameservers per the instructions. I’ve doublechecked the settings but the site is down. The dashboard indicates the site is “active,” however. Pinging/traceroute says “cannot resolve trashtrain.net: uknown host”

I purged the site’s cache. Looks like it’s up now.

How often does are cached pages purged? Will the site be stale?

Huh, when I type in www.trashtrain.net it redirects to trashtrain.net// (with two slashes after it). What’s that about?

Weird, now the site won’t resolve again. What is going on?

I’ve switched back to my own DNS for now. Couldn’t seem to get it to work.

It sounds like Cloudflare didn’t have a DNS record for your hostname. When switching name servers, it takes 48 hours to fully propagate. In that time, queries will go to the different name servers. In your case, sometimes it goes to the old ones that have that DNS record, and sometimes it goes to Cloudflare, which doesn’t.

If you still have that domain in Cloudflare, check the DNS settings to see if it has “A” or “CNAME” entries for trashtrain.net and www

I’m not sure why it wouldn’t have a record of it. It showed me what the old DNS servers were. I’m confused, too, because the WordPress plugin said I only needed to pop in an API key. It made no mention of changing the DN servers.

I believe that API key is just for clearing the cache, and a few speed settings. You still need to go through DNS setup when you add your domain to Cloudflare.

OK, thanks. I’ll try it out on a different, less critical site at some point.

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