I can't verify my email address at dashboard

I have an account for several months, i wanted to use the API so i got a message to verify my email.
So i went to dashboard clicked on “Send verification email” then I fot the message: “Verification email sent.” when I went to my mail box it was not there and also not in my spam folder. (its a google workspace email).

i did it several times and still didnt receive it.
I went to this cloud community registered with the same email and i did get the email.
I suspected that maybe my email box somehow doesnt receive email from ‘[email protected]’ so i went to reset my password and I got the email immedietly.

I am convinced it is not on my side since the reset password email works.
Can you please help?

It seems like your email ended up on suppression list. I’ve removed it from the list, so you can try again. If the issue persists, i suggest you to create a support ticket.

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This actually worked… Thanks!

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