I can't use UpWork desktop app, cloudflare block my ip

Some days ago 3-4 I’ve got an error with Upwork App, it writes that I don’t have internet connection and I can’t use it or login to my account.
This problem can be resolved only if I use mobile internet on my PC instead of Home Internet.

I can use upwork site, but it every time asks captcha. On site I can login, I can use web messenger etc.
In the desktop app it asks captcha but it won’t open login page correctly.

I have asked support of UpWork, but they wrote me that I need to write to CloudFlare Support:
"Hi Viktor,

It’s wonderful to know that the Upwork aspect of things is now sorted out and working fine.

In regards to Cloudflare, we suggest that you reach out to them to find out why you would be blocked as Upwork is a separate entity from them we have no information on that.

I do hope everything gets resolved soon.

Kind Regards

I also wrote to my Internet Provider, but he doesn’t know why my IP was blocked and can’t give me another IP.


  1. What I need to do in this situation?
  2. How can I unblock my IP or how can I know why it was blocked by cloudflare?
  3. If I can’t login in UpWork Desktop App I need to ask UpWork’s support to resolve this problem?

Ohhh…that was a poor response by them. UpWork has configured Cloudflare to more sensitive regarding security, and now wants Cloudflare to fix this? No. By default, Cloudflare is quite lenient with site access.

Bug UpWork some more about this. Cloudflare can’t override a customer’s security settings because a visitor asks Cloudflare to do so.


Thank you for answer. How can I ask Upwork to solve this situation? In more technical language.

If you can provide them with your IP address, they should be able to find it in their Firewall Event Logs here at Cloudflare to see why it’s getting challenged.

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Thank you very much, Sdayman. I will try to do it.

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