I can't use my PayPal balance to pay for the Pro plan

I read some topics about this same issue,

but it seems that they didn’t get the solutions. How about now? Is it possible to use the Paypal balance now?

Hi @huangshijinsonic,

The second one you linked did get an answer from @Laurie and that was pretty recent, so I doubt anything has changed.

I pay my Pro Plan via Paypal balance no problem at all.
Apparently it needs to be set as an “approved payment” (don’t know how that is done)
But paying Pro Plan with Paypal balance is 100% doable, I do it every month.

I want to use the Paypal balance, but it doesn’t work.

I’d phone Paypal and get their take on it directly


I checked with Paypal, they said, for the recurring monthly payments, Cloudflare may require a credit card or bank account for the only method to pay. How can I contact Cloudflare billing assistant and ask if it is true?

Here is the last result. I paid by credit card because there is only a credit card or debit card on the list to pay. But Cloudflare said at the same time if my balance has enough money, they will deduct the money from the balance first. That’s it. So I still used balance to pay for it.

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