I can't use @ in A records because automatically changes to my own domain

Hello, I’m new user. From yesterday I can’t use @ in A records because automatically changes to my own domain… I clicked yes (could be analytics) when Cloudflare ask me to automate something and now I can’t find where and what… excuse me for this newbie situation :sweat_smile:

@ just means your domain - Cloudflare changes it to display that when you save the record.


But… why now have all my Adobe Portfolio sites lost connection to my domain and don’t recognize the DNS records?


Most likely because the record is proxied. Set the record to :grey: DNS only

Ok, I can try but it was proxied for days/weeks before without problems… very frustrating

Its working now for me.

Now I have disabled DNSSEC because I think it was not configured correctly. Currently everything is proxied and the main domain works. I am waiting if the subdomains are also reactivated and if not to disable the proxy… thank you very much @neiljay

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About main domain, I reconnected website from Adobe Portfolio menu when DNS record were not proxied and after I reactivated proxies for the record. At the moment it works.

I did the same with subdomain but at the moment I leaved it to :grey: DNS only…

Many thanks!!

And thank you @KianNH :slight_smile:

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