I can't upload files in my website when using cloudflare server

why is that any time i point my cloudflare server in my domain …i always get missing temporary folder when uploading file on my wordpress…

That’s an error I’ve not encountered. Can you post a screenshot of it?


i encounter it any time i point my server to cloudflare

but using my hosting server it works perfect…

Every Google hit on “Missing a temporary folder” says it’s a PHP setting problem.

See if anything shows up in the server log.

no way i try it

but can i point cloudflare server with my server together…thats four server in one domain

I’d love to help you try to figure this one out, but you need to do some debugging. I’ve never had this happen to any WordPress site of mine, so I had to resort to a Google search.

You may have to enable WordPress debugging to a logfile to see what it says if you can’t see anything in the server error logs.

Can you also post a screenshot of your Plugins page?

it don’t work

but i now point cloudflare server with my hosting…

can it work that way

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