I can't update DNS Records

Hi everyone. I changed my hosting server. I shared ip on Cloudflare but I can’t update DNS records. how can I update them. I need your helps. thank you so much. https://bestprofessionalchainsaw.com/

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Hi @mesutsahin1979,

Could you elaborate on the exact issue/error your getting? It’ll make it a lot easier to help you :slightly_smiling_face:

thank you @albert actually I don’t get an error. but I had deleted some plugins and some post before. I saw them when I click on plugins and posts. when I refresh the page I see an updated posts and plugins. I have changed my web host. but my websites are not running good performly. I want to update all settings on my cloudflare. how can I do this?

by the way googlebots and ping services are not visited my websites. do I need to write to my provider?

who can help me?

To learn more about how to manage DNS records in Cloudflare, kindly check below article:

Here are the great tutorials how to edit or add new DNS records at the DNS tab on Cloudflare dashboard for your domain:

Maybe some cache at the origin host, or if you switched the server, maybe you have to clear your Web browser cache as if it could remember cookies, etc. and possibly load the content from old server rather then from the new one?

May I ask by what and how do you mean?
Slow loading speed, images not loading / missing, etc.?
How did you measure it, if so?

Depending on the Plan you are using for your domain, you have available options which you can tune, tweak and configure at Cloudflare dashboard by loggin into it with your Cloudflare account credentials.

Here are some useful links which can direct you to the right settings, just select your account and your domain:


Do you see them blocked at Firewall events tab or do you get any error at Google Searcn Console? How do you know that?

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