I can't unsubscribe due to a bug

What is the name of the domain?


What is the issue you’re encountering

I can’t unsubscribe because the entity was removed before the subscription was cancelled

What steps have you taken to resolve the issue?

I can’t unsubscribe from a Cloudflare service since I removed the entity of my site a LONG while ago and a week ago I got charged for the second time for the service that I’ve wanted to cancel more than 2 months ago.
I have an active subscription but it’s not attached to a website/entity. When I hit Pro Plan of my subscription (fintechnews.am) in Billing → Subscriptions, a page is supposed to open but it shows a 404 error (attached a screenshot), when I click on Edit (subscription), nothing happens either.

Please help me to deactivate my subscription and get a refund for the service that I didn’t use if possible, I don’t have access to do it on my own because there’s a bug on Cloudflare’s site

Billing issues requre a Billing ticket with Support


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Screenshot of the error

The 404 is saying it cannot find the site in order to cancel the subscription. Have you tried to add the site back and then cancel the subscription?

Yes, it just created a free entity and when I tried to open it, it’s opening this new one, which is not connected to the old one. I am not the only person here who has this problem apparently and it’s just 2 out of 5 suggested topics…

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