I can't understand who is the site hoster

Hi community!

I need to find, who provide a hoster service for 1) tabylga kg and 2) tabilga kg. According to whois the first is hosted at Cloudflare and second at HEnet.

  1. Can I somehow contact with Cloudflare support via my free account?

  2. I contacted HEnet technical support, but they sent me to a local hoster provider, the same one replied that they do not provide such service for company where I work. I would be grateful if someone could help me find out who is the hoster in this case.


Does your company own these domains?

And, do you have access to the Cloudflare account that manages these domains ( https://dash.cloudflare.com to check )?


Yes, company own these domains.

The account I’m writing from now, I just registered. I do not know how everything works, because IT were outsourced. Now we need to make some changes and we can’t find the hosting information.

Hmm… We couldn’t find any matching websites.

You should ask around to see who owns the Cloudflare account with the domain on it; Cloudflare can’t give out info about the host IP address without the owner of the account’s approval, and it must be from the email that registered the account.

Once you login to the account, you’ll be able to see the real IP address of the server and figure out hosting from there.

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Your explanation helped a lot, thank you.


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