I can't solve the problem for 16 days

I made a mistake when purchasing a plan. I created a ticket with a request to transfer me to another plan. The support replied to me:

Hello there,

Thank you for your response. Hope you are having a great day!

My sincere apologies for the inconvenience here.

We have escalated this request to our Billing Engineering Team. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Best Regards,

Senior Billing Support Specialist

There is still no answer or solution to my problem. My ticket was opened 16 days ago. Can someone solve this problem?

Ticket: #2716205

I escalated the ticket, you should receive a follow-up in the following days, its weekend so it might take until Monday until you receive any update.


Hi @savaxxw, I’ve updated your ticket, unfortunately we are still waiting on the engineering team. I have asked them for an update.

Hi there,

we have replied in ticket #2734638 and ticket #2716205 for this case with updates. Due to replicates, we closed #2716205. Please follow in ticket #2734638 for further questions. Thank you!

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