I can't sign in or change my password

Hello, I have had an account for several years, but now for some reason I can not log into it. I enter login and password - I get an error (1022). I tried several times to change my password, but I didn’t receive a single email with a code. There is nothing in the spam folder. In order to get here, I had to register and create another account with a different email address. But the sites I have on another account. What is the problem? I ask for help in the support service.


Thank you for asking.

I am sorry to hear this happening to you :confused:

But, you are able to login into the Cloudflare Community, correct? Only the issue with the Cloudflare dashboard login?

Was your Cloudflare account verified? :thinking:

Have you tried writing an e-mail to support[at]cloudflare[dot]com from your e-mail associated with your Cloudflare account regarding your login issue?

May I ask my colleague @cloonan to check this and resolve it with your account when possible.

Kindly and patiently wait for a reply and a further steps to resolve your issue.

In the meantime, may I ask have you tried using different Web browser?
How about clearing your Web browser cache? Have you tried that too?
Have you tried using some other Web browser, or a private window, or different device connected to some other network (like cellular / Edge / LTE, mobile data)?

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Do you have a ticket number? If so, was the ticket created using the account you are having issues with or this new account? If this new account, can you respond with a link to this thread and cc & mention the email of the account you cannot access.

Yes, it was 4 years ago

I’ve searched all over the site but can’t find a clear support email address. I don’t understand what is under this address mapping - support[at]cloudflare[dot]com. This is support-cloudflare.com?
I can’t log in to my cloudflare account and, accordingly, I couldn’t log in here with my first account. Therefore, I created another account with which I can now write here. But my sites are on my other account, which is currently unavailable to me.
I tried to use two more browsers - the same result - that is, none. I tried to change the password, but the emails with the code do not come to me. I checked my spam folder and there is nothing there either. I tried to go directly to my mail, without using a mail program, there is nothing there either.
Of course, I do not mind if you invite a colleague to solve this problem.

I have had an account in the treasure flare for several years now, but I don’t remember the number… Did it exist? I have always logged in by e-mail address redacted

There is not an account here using the name you shared. Where exactly are you trying to login?


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Thank you. There is not a Cloudflare dash account using the id you shared, there is a community account. Log out, click login on community.cloudflare.com, click forgot your password, on the next screen enter the email you shared and click send. Once you are logged in, comment on this thread to let us know you were successful.

I did everything as you described. I waited 20 minutes and checked my mail again. There is nothing. But that’s the problem, I’m not getting emails from Cloudflare. I received the last email from Cloudflare on 02/02/2022 about the automatic renewal of one of my sites.

Can you share that site name?

I do not see any bounced emails to the account you are using here and I do not show a cf account for the other id you shared. I just deactivated your other account and sent an activation email, lmk if you receive that.

I suspect there is yet a 3rd account as neither of the 2 we are discussing have zones where you would have received an email

oo, I just noticed that comment, that makes it a bit more difficult but let’s keep going. Can you see if you can recover a password here

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Yes, I received your letter. This was my site awakeupnow.info

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Thank you, I just sent a verification email to the account owner, lmk if you receive it.

I followed the link from the email… But this is my new account at https://dash.cloudflare.com/login and there is nothing there. And I need my account with my sites.

That sounds like the first activation email, you should have just received an email to the account owner for the domain awakeupnow.info.

No, this link leads to a new account where there is nothing. I did not receive any other letters. Please note that my “old” account has an e-mail that differs from the new one by one first letter with a dot.


I just tried a few different ways to get you a login token, lmk what emails you receive.

I noticed your ticket with Support and see that you are still having some issues with access. As I’d mentioned before

The reply from Support seems to jibe with that assessment as they are indicating you’re not the zone owner.

When you use the pw and email recovery tools here, https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/203471284-Login-and-account-issues do you receive any emails in reply?

I already have two tickets open:
Look there everything is described. I just want to access the control panel for my sites.

I noticed your most recent ticket with Support, have you tried the recover pw/recover email options for each of those accounts you mentioned? For the security and privacy of our users, we can only work with the account holder directly. From reviewing the tickets, the system detected that you may not be the account owner of the domain(s) mentioned.

I tried to recover the password - just repeated this procedure again. Received a letter on s.gr., changed the password. On the second address gr … did not - it’s the same mailbox. And from both addresses I go to the Cloudflare panel without any problems. But my sites are not there. I do not know how your system determines authenticity, but when I paid for the annual renewal, for some reason your system did not resent. What else should I do? How can I regain access to sites management?