I Can't Setup my Namecheap Private Mail With Cloudfare

My domain provider is Namecheap, and my website is hosted on Blogger. I connected my website with Cloudfare for security features, and here is my problem:
I purchased a private mail from Namecheap, but I can’t fully setup my private email because my DNS records are found at Cloudfare. I contacted Namecheap and they replied that I should contact Cloudfare support to help me with the setup directly since they don’t have access to my DNS records.
Please, someone help me out.

Namecheap can’t tell you what DNS entries you need to create to use a service they created and provide? That is…. Unfortunate.

Do they have some kind of summary or support page they can point you to for the service you have purchased?

5 seconds on Google brings me to:

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I already saw this guide but it wouldn’t work in this case. My domain is registered on Namecheap and I just transferred it’s records to Cloudfare to secure my site.

If you read that article well, you’ll see a section saying I should contact the 3rd party support for help which is what I did here.

Have you added the DNS records they have indicated in your DNS control panel?

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Thank you for asking.

Kindly, may I suggest you to follow the instructions and see the screenshot from my post below (only you should have yourdomain.com instead of the original poster’s domain name) → that’s how your DNS records related to e-mail should look like when you are using Namecheap Private Email service and when you navigate to your DNS tab of Cloudflare dashboard for your domain name:

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