I can't setup correctly DNS

Hello, can i please have some support setting up cloudflare on my website :

my website is : ethiqueoptique.net

Cloudflare DNS :


i think its related to Cname or A records.

Thank you so much

Hi @itsfosstux,

ethiqueoptique.net seems to be on Cloudflare and working fine. www.ethiqueoptique.net, on the other hand looks misconfigured to me. I would suggest either a CNAME for www pointing to ethiqueoptique.net, or that you Redirect www.example.com to example.com.

The other thing is mail, if you don’t have any @ethiqueoptique.net email addresses then you should be fine, but if you do, you will need an MX record. Looking at your domains history, I would guess an MX record for ethiqueoptique.net pointing to mail.ethiqueoptique.netand an A record for mail.ethiqueoptique.net set to :grey: pointing to your server IP.

Hi domjh, thank you for the answer.

So i did a redirect on my cpanel as you said… because i wasnt able to add correctly the CNAME record www pointing to ethiqueoptique.net . i got an error.

So do i need just to wait ?

Thank you again :slight_smile:

His post included a link on how to do the redirect with Cloudflare, which will work much better than trying to do it with cPanel:

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Oh thank you so much, now i’m happy and its working :slight_smile: and the website is verified by Cloudflare.


Oh well, im not an expert, that’s why i’m asking for your help. As i said earlier it was good.

I checked the website again today and surprise no more Cloudflare.

Is it normal that website is still showing “let’s encrypt” instead of CloudFlare ?

On mobile it shows the right certificate “CloudFlare”.

It still loads OK for me with a Cloudflare cert. It may be that there is a cached value at your end causing your device to go directly to your server, and not via Cloudflare. It should clear and sort itself out!

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Hello guys and thanks for all the answers.

I come back again for another question. When i use CNAME setup, the site will be updated with Cloudflare Certificate ? The mention “verified by Cloudflare” or will continue using Let’s encrypt certificate.

Or we get Cloudflare protection only with Full DNS setup.

Thank you in advance for help. Don’t hesitate to ask me if something isn’t clear.

You should get a Cloudflare issued cert even with Flexible SSL.

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