I can't send or receive emails since I am using Cloudflare

I can’t send o receive any emails.

This is my configuration. I don’t know what else to do. I need your help PLEASEEE!!!

Hi @maricelzarate,

Are you trying to use your host’s webmail, or connecting with an external client to retrieve the mail? If it’s the latter, what hostname are you trying to connect to? It should be a :grey: one, so you may need to set your imap, pop and smtp records to :grey: if you are connecting via those, or just connect to your mail hostname, which is correctly unproxied.

Thank you for the quick answer. I have my hosting with Bluehost and my domain with Godaddy. My domain is dailmarketer.com

You didn’t answer any of his questions:


What is the difference? I’m sorry… I’m not an expert in this. :pensive:

Webmail means you’re using your web browser to read your mail. External client means you’re using the Mail app on your phone or Mac. Or whatever app Windows uses for logging into a mail server.

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I’m using my we based mail.

If webmail isn’t working, you will need to contact your host. They need to fix that. It’s possible they have it configured to send/receive through dailmarketer.com instead of mail.dailmarketer.com

They have it configured correctly (mail.dailmarketer.com) Do you have any other suggestions?

What happens when you try to send or receive?

At this point, Bluehost should be troubleshooting this. They’re hosting webmail, and the ‘mail’ hostname is properly configured.

I can send and receive email from the bluehost server side. I just can’t do the same through your DNS setup. I am setting up an affiliate marketing website. I need the customer to add their email address and after they click send then the client will automatically receive an email from me. I tested the current configuration and no email goes out since I started using Cloudflare.

Are you saying that you can send and receive email through Webmail?

Yes I can.

Oh…so you can send or receive emails since you are using Cloudflare.

Using the Cloudflare DNS I am not able to send and receive emails.

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